DaGang Niger Engineering Sarl.


AGADEM Oilfield Surface Facilities Development

  The development of AGADEM Oilfield started in March, 2009. The project includes 1 central processing facilities station (CPF), 1 field production facilities station (FPF), 5 oil gathering&metering stations (OGM), 22 single wells and over 200KM gathering and transportation pipeline.
  CPF is composed of more than 20 crude oil processing and control systems. After completion, it has a processing capacity of 20000 bpd for crude oil, 400000Sm³/d for associated gas, and 3000m³/d for water injection. FPF gathers crude oil from SOKOR oilfield and part of the single wells, and transports to CPF through 58km pipeline after separation by two-phase separator and boosting by booster pump.
  AGADEM oilfield is called “the first oil city” in Niger. It provides important guarantee for the development of state energy of Niger.

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