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Niger Petroleum Road Project

  Niger Petroleum Road Project is one of the core elements of “Renaissance Program” of Niger.
  The road starts from Diffa in southeast, passes N'Guigmi and ends at border to Chad, totally 196.5km. Most of the road was newly-built, in line with Road Grade III standard, the calculated driving speed was 60km/h, pavement design axle load was BZZ-100, accumulated equivalent axle is 45×104 vehicles per lane within service period, and surface was high grade.
  DGE used the most advanced equipment and appliance for this project, and along the route, set 20 water well derricks, rock breaker plants, asphalt-concrete batching plants, gravel-soil mixing plants, and laboratories equipped with up-to-date equipment, which can take real-time monitoring to road surface construction through accurate test and analysis of material.
  After completion of the Road project, east part of Niger will be connected with Chad and Nigeria. The road will not only improve the traffic transportation efficiency and safety but also boost trading business of the area alongside

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